My name is Nakie; quite the tongue-twister, I know. It sounds a lot like Nuh-kee-ah, if that helps in any way. 

I’m a 22-year-old recent graduate that has just ventured out into the ‘real world’. This will be especially difficult since my last four years as a student have been anything less than incredible. I studied abroad for three semesters of my college career, which, as you can imagine, allowed me to get a lot of traveling in. The highlights of study abroad were simple; travel, coffee and lots of new foods.

There are endless ways in which coffee and food differ from city to city around Europe. In fact, they are just as unique as the cities themselves. Through The Traveler’s Mug, I hope to share with you all of my endless adventures around the US, the continent of Europe, and all the coffee-loving experiences they had to offer. I wish nothing more than for you all to enjoy reading my blog with a nice, warm mug of coffee in hand.