The Sweet Potato: Savior of the Low-Residue Diet

I’ve always been an adventurous eater, always eager to try new things. I’ve traveled based on the foods I’ve been dying to try around the Europe, written about them in my blogposts and I even hope to make a career out of food writing one day. That’s how much I love food.

I’ve been following a low-residue diet in order to control my intake of fiber, and it is a very interesting diet to say the least. It is not a diet one should follow to lose weight, but rather to ease the symptoms of IDB, ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s.

I have been on the low-residue diet for around a month now and the majority of my pain and symptoms have subsided. Of course not every day is perfect, but the diet has helped me tremendously. This of course is not the case for every UC and Crohn’s patient, but since my case is mild to moderate, I can see how much it has helped me manage my symptoms.

The diet pretty much excludes the majority of raw fruits and veggies, the skin of fruits and veggies, whole wheat based food products, seeds, nuts, beans, caffeine, foods high in sugar…and pretty much anything that is high in fiber. Since I have been trying to still eat healthy but must avoid certain vegetables, I turned to one of my old favorites; the sweet potato!

My usual lazy go-to is to pop some whole potatoes into the oven for an hour and let them bake through and eat ‘em whole (avoiding the skin of course).  But my favorite way to eat them is in fry-form. Then again, what’s better than a good ‘ol French fry? Well, a sweet potato fry, obviously. But while I haven’t always been head-over-heels in love with potato wedges, sweet potato wedges have certainly wedged their way into my life (😏).

The Traveler’s Sweet Potato Wedges:

What you’ll need for my (IBD approved) wedges are a couple of sweet potatoes, olive oil (or any oil of your choice; we are all about preference here at The Traveler’s Mug), dried parsley flakes, paprika, and pink Himalayan salt. As you can see, I don’t exactly measure my seasoning, but I do go a little heavy handed on the paprika because I like my wedges all smothered in that smoky goodness. 

Preheat your oven to 425 degrees and pop those taters in for 25-35 minutes, depending on how thin you slice your wedges and how crispy you like them! 

I’ll be sure to keep throwing similar mini recipes into my posts every now and then, hope you all enjoy!