Brunch Review: Now I Know Why They Call It The “Turning Point”

The place must have earned it’s name because it’s a pivotal point in the brunch game. I’m pretty positive that anything you want in a good brunch you can find at the Turning Point Restaurants. Read more about my visit here!

My first visit, which I had been greatly anticipating, was the morning of my college graduation practice a few weeks ago. Why is my review so late, you ask? Because I am a gifted procrastinator, but that’s besides the point. Anyways, the day was brutally hot, by the afternoon it reached probably around 90 to 95 degrees outside. Like the fools me and Alyssa (my roommate) are, we opted to sit outside on that sunny morning. The outdoor seating was too cute to pass up.


“Devil Iced Coffee”

Alyssa had raved about this damn place so many times, and when I found out that they’d opened a location closer to us I was thrilled to finally give it a try. First of all, I must speak of Turning Point’s coffee, as well as their massive coffee menu.

This delightfully extensive coffee menu made me freak out a little bit, Alyssa definitely wanted to walk away from me right then and there. But she knows my coffee…obsession, devotion…whatever you want to call it is real, and she knows the lengths I go for a good cuppa’ joe. Speaking of devotion, an entire page was filled with various forms of glorious brews. Since it was a hot day, I opted for the “Devil Iced Coffee”, and devilish it was. Cold brew with an enormous coffee ice cube to make sure it’s never diluted; it was fantastic. While I’d like to get that again, I have to make my way through the rest of that expansive menu during my next visit; but if you enjoy iced coffee, this is my number one recommendation.



For starters, the service at this restaurant was impeccable, our waitress was very attentive and friendly, despite how busy the morning had been. The breakfast I ordered was every brunch lovers dream. What more can a girl ask for other than potatoes, eggs, veggies and an enormous pile of cheese for breakfast? At least, this is my kinda morning craving, so that’s exactly what I ordered. A dish called the “Popeye skillet” encompassed all of these great things; breakfast potatoes, spinach, mushrooms, cheesy cheese, a dollop of sour cream and two eggs your way on top, I went with poached! The dish also came with some fresh fruit and an English muffin, there was so much food I had to wrap up half of it to go.

“Popeye Skillet”

If a savory breakfast isn’t exactly your forte, there was plenty of enchanting options for the sweet-toothed brunch lovers. Their crazy pancake, waffle and French toast combos will blow your taste buds away just like their hot chocolate bar (yes, that’s right, a hot chocolate bar).

With that, I leave you all with hungry tummies and dreams of visiting my new favorite breakfast hotspot. I will be coming back for more, Turning Point.