Top 5 Must-Try Backpacking Bites

Here is a drool-worthy ranking of the best foods I ate while backpacking through Europe.

5. Paprikash – Hungary

Budapest, being my favorite destination in Eastern Europe, had food I could go on and on about for days. Choosing between the goulash and the paprikash, though? Tough. Although, Paprikas stood tall as the winner. Hungary, known for their famous paprika, definitely lived up to their expectations. The dish is basically chicken served in the paprika sauce with cool yogurt and delectable dumplings.

4. Belgian Frites – Belgium

Who could pass up a good heaping amount of French fries? Especially…Belgian frites?! If you’re like me and enjoy your fries on the crispier side, French fries in Belgium are for you. Firm and never soggy, you’ll get a massive amount of fries in a cone-shaped holder usually with a side of mayo; something definitely worth trying. 

3. Doner kebab – Germany

The doner kebab dominates the drunk-food list for sure; similarly to its distant relative the Greek gyro, there is nothing better then a meaty, carb loaded kebab. Sure, Germany has some of the bests; pretzels, beer, bratwurst, you name it—but the doner kebab is a totally underrated German staple that is by far one of my favorites.

2. Sunday Roast – England

I had lived in London for a total of 12 months and it took me probably around nine to finally have my first, traditional Sunday roast. My British friends had been yelling at me for ages to get my Sunday roast on—and when it happened I knew I had been missing out. You get to choose which kind of roast you want; I went for the beef. Along with it comes roasted veggies, potatoes, a Yorkshire pudding and of course plenty of gravy to smother everything on your plate. Top off your roast with a pint of London Pride and there you have it.

1. Tredlnik – Czech Republic

This is possibly the best desert I had my entire time traveling through Europe last year, making it number one on my list for a reason. I couldn’t wait to try one as soon as I got to Prague. I was in there for a good five days, so I had time to try a bunch of different combos of the desert with the doughnut-like consistency-like. I tried the cone shaped version with ice cream, then a variety of the log-shaped kinds; some covered in nuts and cinnamon, and some filled with Nutella on the inside or jelly on the inside, and that wasn’t even all they had! My favorite by far was the log shaped kind with cinnamon sugar dusted on the outside with Nutella on the inside.