Café Review: American Bulldog Coffee Roasters

If you want a cozy atmosphere to meet with friends or get some work done, as well as snap some pics of amazing latte art, head on over to Ridgewood, NJ.

Growing up in Northern New Jersey and having my hometown there, I do go back quite often. If you’re a twenty-something who is back at home, I’m sure you can agree that once in a while you need a few things; good friends, good coffee and some peace and quiet. American Bulldog is a place I have gone for many years for these three things.

When you walk into the aesthetically pleasing environment of the coffee shop you automatically want to take a seat. I’ve never gotten a cuppa’ joe to go from this place either, it traps me sometimes.

The walls are painted white, and brown-coffee colored chairs and tabletops dress the place. Little knickknacks also appear on the wall, as well as chalkboards informing you of all the lovely caffeinated beverages and small bites the café has to offer you.

My usual go-to at the café is a flat-white, and let me just say never have I ever gotten a bad flat-white (or any drink for that matter) from this place. The perfect balance of everything combined into a signature brown mug topped is presented with unflawed latte art as per usual.

I usually go into the cafe and meet up with friends, it’s a great place to have a nice conversation; I’m sure this goes for meetings and interviews as well. If I’m not chatting up an old pal, I’m usually sitting writing one of these blog posts for you lovely people! I also tend to stop in when I’m in Ridgewood as it is one of my favorite spots in the downtown area.

I highly recommend coming to this cafe that is charmed with its own lovely personality, any coffee lover would have a delightful time.