Travel Spontaneously

Forget stressful planning and arranging the perfect accommodation, travel is supposed to be relaxing and enjoyable; travel spontaneously.

I have done the planning, the frantic review scanning of hostels and means of transportation around a city. Will my cell phone work? Will I have enough money exchanged before I arrive? What about the location of this hostel, is it near the sites?

But for so many reasons, I want to leave this all behind. I want to travel spontaneously and without fear; to have fun and enjoy the culture I will soon be immersed into.

So many dream to just ‘hop on a plane and see where it takes them’, so why don’t we do just that? Find the cheapest flight to a place you’ve never been, and go.

In the past I have traveled, planning everything meticulously.   I read every review I could for the best places to eat, the best time to arrive and the best affordable place to stay so I didn’t have to worry about anything going wrong in the process of my travels. But the next time I plan a trip, I want to enjoy my time and simply roam freely; let the problems arise because that is part of life. Safety is a huge issue when it comes to traveling, but at a certain point you learn what to expect in certain places and how to make sense of being cautious.

I want to get lost on back roads and settle into local establishments.

Not that I haven’t done this in the past, but I just want to get going. I want to step into a small restaurant where they don’t expect tourists, where they don’t have to try and accommodate me by trying to speak my native tongue. I want them to be themselves.

I want to struggle.

One day I’d like to take a trip with out booking a place, walking into a hostel and seeing if there are any rooms. I want to find out where to go from a local; no research from me on my end, no smartphone in hand. Not caring about being connected to wifi or snap-chatting my way through a city; I want to explore and admire the land I’m in.