Lunch Review: Lucha Cartel

Before you judge my food choice at Lucha Cartel, know that I had just recently eaten Mexican food the day before. I wanted to change up my diet a bit, and the menu had a very tempting out-of-the-ordinary options.

The day is beautiful; I mean 72, in February?! Who would have known global warming crept up on us so quickly. I venture into the City of Brotherly Love for a fun day around Old City. As my friends and I are feeling hungry and heating up a bit, we decide it would be best to sit outside in the shade and find a place with some good grub and drinks; which is exactly what you can expect to find at Lucha Cartel.

The drink prices are reasonable and frankly very good for center city; $7 average for a cocktail and around $5 for a beer. The three of us decide to order a pitcher of tasty sangria that is a decent price of $21 (other cocktail pitchers are $18). While the sangria is a good choice and definitely perfect for a sunny day, the pitcher is quite small.

When it comes to ordering, I try to direct my attention away from the chipotle chicken burger making me salivate just from its description. Because I’m at a Mexican restaurant, I shouldn’t be getting a burger, right…?


I totally end up getting the burger. I can’t help myself and my instant craving for the fries that come with it. It comes out and I don’t have any regrets whatsoever, it’s hands down one of the best burger’s I’ve had in awhile—and rarely do I order chicken burgers.

The grilled chicken is marinated and coated in an enjoyable teriyaki tamarind glaze, I also opt for Monterey jack cheese and add avocado on top for $2 more. This burger is juicy and so packed with goodness that I can’t even get it off the plate, I start out by using a fork and a knife; in my book, this instantly screams ‘good burger’.

With the avocado I add onto the burger and fries, the price came to a reasonable $12; a great deal for Old City and an even better deal for my singing taste buds and happy belly. I would definitely recommend this place not only if you want a good burger, but obviously for killer Mexican dishes and great cocktails.

I hope to make it back to Lucha Cartel for their brunch which sounds like one I definitely can’t miss, as well as for their happy hour where all drinks are only $5.