Cafe Review: The Chestnut Hill Coffee Company

A review of my new go-to coffee hot-spot.

Keep me in mind; a second-semester college senior enduring the everyday life struggles any 22-year-old must overcome. This includes attempting to complete thesis work and trying to maintain a social life.

Sundays are meant for relaxing and good coffee; at least that is my ideal Sunday. I can now find solace in the Chestnut Hill Coffee Company, a quick venture ten minutes down the road from Arcadia where I can get some work done while enjoying a nicely brewed espresso-based beverage.

I walk in from the rainy outdoor conditions and instantly a blend of aromas including cinnamon and coffee beans present themselves to my senses. The place is packed for a 2:00 pm on a Sunday; everyone clearly has the same work cramming schedule and craving for caffeine. People of all ages fill the round black tables, chairs, and benches around the shop. Thankfully there is an upstairs, this is where I head to find the last of two vacant tables.

I’m drawn to the spot by the window that covers the far back wall overlooking Chestnut Hill’s main street; there’s an open, spacious bench filled with pillows that look cozy enough to settle in and get some studying done. I leave my things as I finally head downstairs to grab myself a warm drink.

The coffee bar is spacious and not cramped for the super friendly employees who match the décor and feel of the café; extremely friendly and comforting. Opposite of where the magic is made behind the counter is the sugar counter for customers which is also extremely commodious for when you need to grab and go or customize your drink to perfection.

Among cappuccinos, macchiatos, café lattes and more, you can also purchase delicious and fresh pastries, such as croissants, muffins, biscotti and even more. The café also has complimentary water for guests.

I venture back upstairs to the zen and quite (clearly work-associated) environment and finally try the cappuccino I ordered. The drink is the perfect temperature and strong enough for my liking; the Chestnut Hill Coffee Company cappuccino gets an A from me! The only downside of the cappuccino is that is disappeared from me a bit too quick; although that is also my fault as I pretty much downed it several minutes after I got it.

The only complaint I have to make about this place is that a flat white is not listed on their menu, although I’m sure if I asked they would have no problem whipping one up. The next time I come I will test my luck and write up a flat white follow up.

I would definitely recommend this café to everyone of all ages for whatever they might be in need of; a study place, an interview location, hanging out with friends or a place for reading and writing. Grab one of their cappuccinos and settle down in one of the relaxed and serene spots available.